Bücherboxx - a sustainable idea

The “Sustainable BücherboXX” was developed by the Institute for Sustainability in Education, Work and Culture GbR as a professional educational project in 2010. It exemplifies how the model of sustainable development has been implemented and made aware of in vocational training and also in civil society  can be. By the way: the two XX is an invention by INBAK.
The basic concept has diverse social, ecological, cultural, political and civil society points of reference and effects. 
In the meantime, around 20 book boxes with various educational institutions and for different locations have been developed according to this concept in Berlin alone.

This has resulted in a network of more than 250 actors around the BücherboXX. The concept was transferred and further developed in various ways. Projects were carried out with France, Poland and Europe in general.
Readings and cultural events follow in the value chain from ecological expansion and renovation to use. New texts and publications emerge, technical innovations with renewable energy use are added.
The resounding success of the BücherboXX has found many imitators nationwide who, however, did not adhere to the “sustainable basic concept” and used their own combinations of terms such as book cell or bookcase.