Green youth in thinking and acting (Green thinking entrepreneur Youth)

KA 205 Erasmus+

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to a sustainable world. The hope that global warming can be stopped significantly lies with young people. All the more so since Greta Thunberg made such a big impact with her performance in Katowice (Poland) in 2018.—greta-thunberg-rechnet-in-kattowitz-mit-politikern-ab-8495526.html The European and global challenges lie in improved environmental education and environmental awareness among young people People, in their commitment, dedication and entrepreneurial actions in all areas. 

The aim of the project, in addition to taking stock of the situation in environmental education, including measures that have already been developed, is the pilot development of innovative educational concepts in the various areas.


green management

environmental awareness

junior companies

Profession and Tourism

Green cards

Period: 2020-2022

Under the coordination of

İnovatif ve Girişimci Toplum Derneği,Tarsus/MERSİN -TURKEY

In addition to INBAK, the following partners are involved in the project:

Aventura Marao Clube in AMARANTE, Portugal

Gmina Kielce/Kielicki Park Technologiczny Research Institute in KIELCE, Poland

Universitatea Aurel Vlaicu Din Arad, in ARAD Romania