ENT practice in Jui

The hospital in Jui with several departments had no ENT care until now (2022).
Dr. Kabbineh is one of only (!) two otolaryngologists in the whole country. He is currently responsible for the administration of this hospital.
Dr. Ladipoh, Bintumani D-SL, shipped much of his medical practice from Berlin to Sierra Leone in 2022.
In Jui, near Freetown, Dr. Kabbineh took over the items and equipped a practice room with them.
Two young doctors were interested in being trained in the subject of ENT.
This is what Dr. Ladipoh did in his presence in Sierra Leone. The first steps have been taken!
Furthermore, a nurse wants to learn how to perform hearing tests and how to fit hearing aids. Here our relations will be useful for an “education” after Makeni.
The connection to an ENT department in Berlin – also telemedicine – is sought.