Helping people with disabilities through prostheses

Prostheses can help to maintain a professional perspective by enabling people with amputations to carry out their work and pursue their professional goals. A prosthesis can enable a person to stand, walk and reach again, which is important for carrying out many types of work. Prostheses can also be specially adapted to meet certain professional requirements, such as for craftsmen, musicians and athletes.

A prosthesis can also help a person to be more confident and independent, which can enable them to look for work and pursue their career goals. By using a prosthesis, a person can also improve their skills and abilities, which can help them find better jobs and advance their career.

Prostheses can also help to improve self-esteem and mental health by promoting a sense of normality and inclusion. This in turn can improve the possibility that a person will look for work and be successful.

In our commitment to people in Sierra Leone who live with restrictions due to various disabilities, we want to help through various measures.

The project is also attracting interest from the media. The NDR presented the project. Here is the LINK to the article

We have been supporting training in Makeni, Sierra Leone, since May 1, 2023.
Under the guidance of the orthopaedic technician, Mr. Ibrahim Mosto Conteh and 4 other trainers, 5 young Sierra Leoneans, 3 women and 2 men, are being trained.
In 18 months they will be orthopaedic mechanics.
Here is a video of the first few days:

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